We are committed top providing our clients with excellent service from start to finish.
our process is fluid and adaptable and ensures a smooth build for our clients

  • Project Brief and Concept Design

    After an initial meeting and site visit we will develop the concept and integrate your ideas into our initial designs and put this into a presentation for you.

  • Due Diligence - Testing the design

    This is where we explore the practicalities and function of the ideas does it work? Is it going fulfil its purpose? Is it going to meet the clients needs?

  • Client Appraisal - constructive analysis, client feedback, amendments and design changes

    When we are happy with our initial concept and feel we have produced a good and practical solution we will arrange a further meeting to get your feedback, discuss the ideas and why we have done it this way and invite you to discuss the design with us so we can take on board your feedback and implement any changes you would like us to make.

  • Specification Build Cost and Product Specification

    At this stage we will specify all the finishes, these can be led by us or client led, we then integrate this into our build package. Then we are able to give you an accurate costing for your project, we will include electrical specification all the way to the soft furnishings and wall paper if you have gone for the full turn key package.

  • Detailed Design Package

    Now we are nearly ready to for the construction phase of the project we will produce the construction drawings ready for our build team to work from to deliver your project. These will include electrical drawings, structural calculations and working drawings for when we are on site.

  • Project Finalised and Contracts Agreed

    We will fully review with you the project and make sure you are happy with the design, specification and cost of your project. Once we happy we will discuss the contract terms and payment schedules and work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the process. We are happy to work on a subcontract, main contract, or design and build basis.

  • Construction Phase

    Ok, we are good to go! This is where all our planning and preparation will help towards a smooth construction phase, we work to planned schedules and ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards.

  • Client Sign off

    Once the project is completed and all of the works are finished, We will personally snag the project and make sure We are happy with it before we hand it over to you. At this stage we will invite you to carry out your own checks to make sure you are satisfied with the work. Any defects are taken care of and we then hand the project over to you to enjoy! We also offer yearly and ongoing maintenance packages to keep your project looking great.